Just Film and UNICEF - “Spread Some Goodness”

On the 20thof November UNICEF and Just Film invite all the children and their parents to the cinema to do something good.

We have many great childrens movies such as “Crocodiles 2”, “Ways To Live Forever” and so on.

More information about the childrens programme here.


The star of the day will be “Brownstones To Red Dirt”. It is a touching documentary about children in New York being pen friends with with orphans from brutal aftermath of Sierra Leone’s civil war.


UNICEF's “Spread Some Goodness” programme is a charity project for Estonian schools. The goal is to grow the right values and social responsibility in Estonian youngsters and to elate the activeness in them.


In addition to all that there is whole lot more for children to do that day.


Hope to see you all at Solaris Cinema on the 20thof November at 13:00!

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